Group submission of formative for science labs?

Hi everyone,

I have a question about how people use formatives during lab exercises in the Science lab.

Has anybody found a good way for groups of students to complete a formative together with a clear indication of which students were involved in the group?



I can’t remember who had something like that… @michael.lutz or @Dawn_Frier1 are the ones that come to mind for the group work.

I would make the first question a place to list all group members’ names.

Do you want everyone to do all the parts, or do they have specific roles?

If they have specific roles, then the second question would be to identify group roles. The next thing I remember in his/her formative was that each role had their own section in the formative to complete. The group worked together to determine the answers, but they only typed the answers for their section. If you are so inclined, you could provide hyperlinks to other formatives specifcially set up for each role. If you built the full lab, you could clone it for the various roles. Then, you could delete certain questions within each formative, so that role enters only the parts indicated. A step up from this would be to leave a blank problem indicating which role number will type that section.

Whether you choose the individual roles or whether you choose for them to answer only those indicated for their role, those group members who are not required to type the actual answer can type the name of the person in their group who is submitting the answer for the group. (That way you know who to check next.)

While it might be harder, the cloned formatives would keep one student from entering all the answers and it would force the group members to work together.


Was not me. :slight_smile:

I agree with what you have though.
I might suggest also the integration of Google Forms. Create a Form which gets their name and what their role was for the lab.
Can then use that to go to a different part of the form which has the link to the formative for that part. If you integrate it into Google Classroom, when they mark the form as done, it marks the assignment as done too.

Could also appspash with Flipgrid too.




I like this idea. An alternative is to assign the same formative to all students and then specify that each student should answer x number of question (or assign specific questions in advance-you could note this in the question text). This might make things a little more complicated in terms of scoring (since there will be a lot of empty responses for each student), but if you are just using the formative to gather student thinking, it might be something else to consider as well, in terms of discerning who did what.


Great! Thanks for those ideas - I like the idea of having the first question for students to list the group members.

I like the idea of providing different formatives to different group members - but for simplicity - I like just having a range of questions within the one formative and students answer the ones that are relevant to their role.

Thanks so much for sharing!


Thank you - I hadn’t thought of combining with Google Forms - that would work well.

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