Help! - 4th grade Science ideas

In 4th grade Science we look at topics like landforms, erosion/deposition, transfer and conservation of energy, and changes in the environment. I have a fun Formative for landforms that utilizes landforms throughout our community but am struggling to come up with fun and interactive Formatives for transfer and conservation of energy…I have looked though the library and haven’t found anything that is exactly what I am looking for.

I have a few basic videos that the students can react to and they can always draw pictures of energy flow in the “show your work” questions but I am looking for more.

Does anyone have any ideas for question types or items that could be embedded to make the Formative more useful for student learning?


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I found this by searching ‘conservation of energy’ within this discuss site:

I don’t know if it’s on-level, but it may give you ideas or a starting point for your lesson.


Try Identifying Forms of Energy


This is pretty good, thanks Tricia! Of course I will have to make a few changes to align with Ohio but definitely a good starting point. I like the use of videos, and have done that in the past, but there are other features that will work for me as well!

Thanks again!