Help inserting image for question

Is there a way to insert an image into a question without linking to a URL?
I have linked an image to my One Drive but my students cannot see the image.
During a Geometry assessment seeing the image is very important too. I wish you could just insert into the question and not link to URL.

Help please.

Right now, you can only insert an image into a question using a URL. The workaround is to upload the image into your Google drive, embed it into your blog or webpage, publish that and then right click to obtain the “hosted” image address.
You can even create a formative with just the uploaded images, and use that as your host; again upload them there and then right click on each to obtain the URL.
Hope this helps.


Thanks. I like the idea of using Formative to host. I have not had success with either OneDrive or Google Drive and getting the shared link addresses.
I will have to give this idea a try :slight_smile:

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We can definitely consider supporting non-URL images in the near future!


@mgarcia it worked like a charm today … thanks


I have also saved images as PDF then uploaded them to use during the formative. You can see how I do this for the cell organelle practice quiz here:

I have uploaded images to use in the formative too and a sequence of questions that relates to that image. See this short example one:



Please do. I am having the hardest time inserting graphs, Unit Circles, etc.

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I’ve had no issues uploading images on my end, but I’d really like to see students have the ability to take a photo directly in the Show Your Work space. It’s a bit clunky for a student to have to take a photo, then upload it to the site. I’d imagine I’m not the first to think this, so is there any chance this is coming?

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I am so excited that the camera is now embedded in the Show Your Work space! My students find it so much easier than uploading their photos. Thank you for this feature. Since this is in Beta, is there any chance it will be improved to not mirror the student work? Currently, everything is backwards.

The camera feature is awesome. I do wish that the students had the option to reflect their image so that I could read it, if using a mirror to take a picture of their work.