HELP PLEASE! Properties of Exponents

Does anyone have any ideas for Formatives dealing with the Properties of Exponents? This content is so important for 8th grade math but I struggle with creating meaningful activities in Formative with this content.

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated!



@senger13 If you want them to see the exponents in an activity or interactive form along with some practice, LearnZillion is plentiful with illustrative lessons aligned to the standards (and free!), as well as CK-12 (also free!). My kids have CK-12 accounts because my PreCalcs typically have an assignment from there each unit. But I think you could embed just a lesson, activity, or look for what is called a PLIX on CK-12 (Play Learn Interact eXplore if I remember right) into a Formative, and then maybe include a PDF for some skills practice. Someone on another post mentioned - great site for skills sheets aligned to the standards; well organized, and sheets are available as PDFs or DOCs in case you want to customize. Hope this helps!


@senger13 If you’re looking for exercises, have a look at Aufgabenfuchs. I used Google Translate. Because there are “only” numbers your students should be fine. If you click on “check” (top right corner) your students can generate a mock test (every time you load the page, there are new exercises. Hope that helps you a little.


Here is one number talk where you are hoping they will see repeated multiplication as a lead in to exponents:
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Generally, I give them sets of questions on the board where they actually figure out the properties themselves. They start to see the patterns pretty quickly, especially if you have already done expansion to powers of ten, and understanding of what an exponent actually means. I usually do it with mini whiteboards, but you could do it using a formative with whiteboard or show your work questions.

Sorry I don’t have anything built for this yet.


Here is my Formative lesson on Properties of Exponents Share Code: YMAMSB

Includes: Embedded Quizlet for Unit, Video lessons, written textbook lesson, Interactive questions for Feedback using hyperlinked ixl questions, and homework assignment.

Here is code for my FA a few days later: FEVMNO