High School (9/10 grade) punctuation

I am really looking for formatives that focus on semicolon, colon, quotation marks, etc. I created comma rules formative that is helpful, but I would like to see if one exists that incorporates all aspects of punctuation.

Comma Rules and Practice

Clone Code: STKUTS


link https://goformative.com/clone/STKUTS

Any ideas about how to approach that would be greatly appreciated. Punctuation often seems to be going to the wayside like penmanship and spelling, so I want to try to make it fun.


Thanks for sharing your formative! It looks like a great way to see if students understand comma rules. Here’s another set of formatives from @apeters that assess punctuation that you might want to check out:

I am not an ELA educator, but one thing that might be fun for students is if you create a Show Your Work question and then type some sentences with missing commas (on the canvas). You could then instruct students to use the draw tool to fill in the missing commas. You could also project the responses and have students discuss the different places that everyone has placed them.

If there are any other @ela_educators out there with ideas for and examples of using Formative to teach punctuation, we’d love to see them! Please reply here :slight_smile:


I liked how you created multiple choice question, @Susan_Shires. However, students might only guess. I’d favor @david’s idea with show your work:

Why did you choose to give 10 points each? :slight_smile:

In addition, you could enable “randomize order” so students who are sitting next to each other won’t have the sentence in the same order.

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Love that idea, thank you so much.

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I like the ideas already mentioned as well. I’d also like to point out in question 7 sentence is spelled incorrectly. And showing work is great, but sometimes even with guessing some quick multiple choice is good to assess where they are at and what, if any, reteaching is needed.

I work with whiteboard tools in Blackboard teaching punctuation and we use a variety of multiple choice to paragraphs with all the sentences numbered - students then have to decide which are correct and then correct the incorrectly punctuated sentences. This is good for when you want them to look at all the punctuation types you’ve taught and to see it in the context of a paragraph as well.


Thank you! Love the idea of paragraphs. I used to do that and somehow it just faded away from my use. Definitely need to do that again!

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