Honors Geometry Formative Library

There are a lot of new users to Formative right now and I am a firm believer of not creating things from scratch, especially during this time of craziness. So I wanted to share my library with those that were interested. I added my Honors Geometry folder to the Library. I think this is the link that will bring you directly to it. https://goformative.com/library/8G35BfWcFhy7RK3wf
I will add my 10-11th grade Geometry folder as well.
Hopes this helps some people.


Thanks for sharing! This will save a lot of Geometry teachers a LOT of time. :slight_smile:

@erin-rose.schneider While I currently don’t have a need for your library, I want to say thank you for contributing your work. I am new to the education world, having worked in corporate settings for 20 years before becoming and educator. We need more selfless sharing. Thank you again.

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@rcross you very welcome. There is no need to recreate the wheel. I did realize yesterday though that the earlier stuff doesn’t have a worksheet attached, because at those point we were still in the building and I was handing the worksheets to the students. I am in the process of just linking the worksheets in a textbox.

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Thank you for being so kind. I am a chemistry teacher and don’t necessarily have a need for your library, but it is really nice to know that there are others out there so willing to share their hard work!

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