How are you using GoFormative in your distance learning?

I am curious how my fellow educators are using this in their distance learning.

Are you using it for everything, for somethings, just for quizzes and tests?

Tell me what you are doing.

Here is one that I created for homework.


I’m using it for pretty much everything!

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I am also using it for probably 90% of the work I have given and just keep finding more ways to love it! I have used it for everything that requires work shown which is a huge bonus as a math teacher. I initially had them write their work on their own paper and send me a copy via email but that was a pain to try and deciper and they needed clear pictures, etc. I have used it for my quizzes–nothing out there that I know of can even compare to the functionality of GoFormative for teacher made online assessments. Someone mentioned a question bank in a different thread and that would be a huge plus for sure, but that is like one of the few things I think GoFormative doesn’t offer.

I have done my best to convert my math department over to using GoFormative and the ones who have tried it have also really seen the benefits of it. I can guarantee you that if we are online for the next school year I am going with GoFormative almost exclusively–it is just such a great product.

I am giving a survey this week for my students and I have them rating the platforms I have used and I am curious to see what they have to say from their perspective. One of my students responded already and she gave your platform the highest rating over the few others I tried and her response was spot on for yours vs. the other platforms.

Thank you, GoFormative, for making teaching (in class and online) so much easier!


I have also started using it for pretty much everything. Worksheets, oral practice, writing paragraphs, editing…

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I use it also for Bellwork, lessons, scenarios, and exit tickets. The good thing about GoFormative is that it captures every student’s engagement. You can instantly tell who is working and who is not.

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I use it for student-directed learning.

For a certain concept that I want my students to learn, I will pre-record short videos, post them sequentially on goformative with questions attached to each video. They are instructed to watch the videos and then answer the questions so that I know they have understood it well.

What I love about goformative is that I can monitor their progress on-line and give immediate feedback. They can also seek clarification by sending me a notification and I can give individual responses. In my school, students follow a fixed time table during the school day when they are at home - so they are learning individually but at the same time. So the immediate feedback really helps. Some will keep asking until they are satisfied, and that dialogue really helps.

I also use it for assessments. The randomising questions feature is really useful. What I wish for is more AI that can help the auto-marking feature more helpful.

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