How can I add accent marks and special symbols?

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Marco here :grin: I’m trying to add accent marks and other foreign language characters into my formative. Does anyone have any suggestions?




Are you trying to use them yourself or allow students to use them or both?

I enter mine using the google input tools international keyboard. It’s an easy toggle off/on way to use accented letters.

For my students, in my Formatives, I usually start with text block that includes all of the accented and special characters they might need and then tell the students to copy and paste as needed.


Hey Andy! I am trying to do both, so I really appreciate the info…and workaround!! I downloaded the google input tools international keyboard and have already started my text block with all of the special characters for my students to copy/paste…what a fantastic idea! That takes the guess work out of everything, and takes out the need for students to remember keyboard shortcuts on different types of computers/laptops/devices. Brilliant!

Thank you so much!!


As a science teacher, it would be nice to have easy access to superscript and subscript. :slight_smile:


Have you tried using the math text editor for superscript and subscript? You can write superscript by using the ^ symbol (Ex: 4^5). And you can use the _ to write sub-script (ex: 4_2). It’d be great to hear how this works for you.

Here’s a guide of commands you can enter that @casey.liu shared :

I have done it that way but It would look cleaner if there was a subscript or superscript (chemical formulas, making degrees symbol, etc…)



When you say “cleaner” do you mean having it in-line with the text that typing outside of the math editor?

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Yes…:slight_smile: That would make science things easier.


I see how to add subscripts in Questions but is is possible to do subscripts in answer sections?


Not yet, but this is definitely something we’ve heard support for and are considering adding in the equation editor for students to use when responding to questions and for auto-grading as well. We collect every piece of feedback we get and use it to inform the features we work on :slight_smile:


I agree as a science teacher that to be able to have subscripts or superscripts would be great. I have to go to Word, type it in, copy and paste it into my Formative.


I’ve had similar issues in math. If you have lots of questions, you might offer a small ‘bank’ within the directions.

For example, I wanted students to show me how the graph would look for a composite inequality. So I put all the possible types of graphs in the directions and they could copy and paste the one that worked.


Try this Chrome extension:

Simply click the character you want, then paste it!

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