How can I hide the large number of Formatives that I've given and closed so that the students can find new ones when I open them?

The formatives that are just opened are hard to find in the midst of the many that have been closed. What do I do?

And where is the chat?



You can go back to the assign panel for the formatives you no longer want your students to see and close them (ensuring that you’ve selected “Don’t Show Scores”, “Don’t Show Answers” from the assign panel menu). This will make it so they are no longer visible on the student dashboard - you can always change that later by modifying those settings!


I just sent you a message about this!

One thing that I have done to manage my classes is to use (free), this serves as a home base for all my work. Now that Google Classroom has added Topics/Folders (and soon secure quizzes) I am switching to Google Classroom and adding in Classcraft. Let me know if you have questions.