How can we give students more ownership over the "what" of learning?

Yesterday, I had the pleasure of helping Formative Certified Educator @Danielle_Moore host #formativechat on Twitter. We talked about how we can give students a great voice in learning. We once again would love to continue chatting with you all here and invite you to share your ideas for giving students more control over what they learn!

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Side note: Our chat was inspired by this article by Andrew Miller, which talks about expanding opportunities for student voice in the classroom. It’s a great read and I encourage you to check it out!


Lessons that promote student choice and exploration give Ss ownership over the “what” of learning. Genius Hour, Passion Blogging, and Quests help them discover learning on their own.


I hadn’t heard of Quests before and read a bit more about them here. They seem like a great way to not only give students more ownership over learning, but scaffold it as well. I really like the idea of putting together a meaningful “story” for students and challenging them to unlock new areas/activities based on what they have chosen to complete. I think it’s a really nice way of letting them discover how topics and concepts are connected in a tree-like structure (with branches and sub-branches).