How can you use Formative to give students greater ownership over their learning?

Last Thursday we hosted the #goformative chat. We invite you all to jump into/continue the conversation in this slow chat!



By allowing the students to go back into the formative once completed and correct their work and thinking. Students start to own their learning much more with this type of thinking. Formative assessment is fluid and not final. It’s practice on the way to mastery. Mastery may take years for one student versus a week for another. We are all in the learning process at different levels and rates.


Often, when I am providing feedback on a formative I leave suggestions for improving the answers (using an I like, I wish format). In the beginning, only a handful would respond, but as time has passed and students have gotten the hang of it. Now I have the majority taking the opportunity to interact with the feedback and develop better answers and or converse with me deepening the learning.


I use a self-pacing chart where students pick from one of 6 strands and they work through the ‘building’ concepts for each strand. They can stop working in one strand and start working in another.

I also give lots of feedback, especially if I want a student to go back and try the problems again. This is especially helpful in math. Sometimes I can tell exactly where there mistakes were made and comment something like ‘check your signs’ or ‘don’t forget to do the OPPOSITE operation when solving equations.’