How could you use a Formative to provide students a variety of ways to show understanding?

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One of Formatives key features for me is the variety of tools that one has access to or can embed. This flexibility allows for multiple ways students can show their understanding of a concept. Formative is user friendly and has the built in capabilities to make adaptations. This creates a positive learning environment that promotes formative assessment based on how students express their understanding best. Here’s a Three Act Math Play that I made in Formative that allows students to process and express their understanding in a variety of ways Formative Looking forward to hearing your thoughts and ideas on this question.

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I like using the draw feature as an option to show student understanding of a topic, especially with things like vocabulary terms or association with authors etc. It allows students a moment of creativity with their work :slight_smile: Also, being able to embed videos, images, and such is a wonderful way to get students to communicate their thoughts about a topic and share their knowledge with others!


Agreed! Ditch That Textbook author Matt Miller showed me an example of this where he provided his students with a map and asked students to draw how the character of the book they were reading got home. Since the book didn’t spell out every detail, students were encouraged to draw their own path:

I also agree that it helps if we provide students with multiple representations of the content that they are expected to share their understanding of. This can help them understand it and may also spark some inspiration for how they share their thinking.