How do PBL / Genius Hour work with standard-based learning?

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@Darcey_teasdale, @mgarcia , and I are continuing the conversation about standards-based learning.
How do PBL / Genius Hour work with standard-based learning?44%20PM


Can we ‘cover’ the standards required in a PBL/Genius Hour setting? Is it okay to let students explore their learning at the risk of not meeting all standards? Is the time to set up and execute a PBL / Genius Hour worth it?


Both of these done well can be rooted in standards easily. When planning, we start with standards. PBL is not fluff…it’s deep learning based in the grade-level standards. When we start with our standards and consider what people in the real world do in an authentic context, it brings those standards to life for our students!


Agreed. Still find some ‘old school’ mentality around this. Need to have an innovative mindset and come up with a solid plan like you mentioned. Remembering and regurgitating standards just not good enough for our students.


You can do whatever you want as long as you reach your teaching/learning objectives. PBL takes so much time and effort to reach its goals. I always like to use online platforms to make my students work on projects with their international peers and I assign them roles and particular tasks to accomplish.


This is what I have been stressing to my students this year!

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