How do you differentiate the Process?

Hi all! I appreciate the strategies and suggestionsn but I’m looking for more of the steps in the process. For instance, what do you do first and then if that doesn’t work what do you do next.


I teach Algebra 1, but here’s how I go about differentiating:

  1. I have a learning target (or two) for the day.
  2. I break that learning target into small ‘steps,’ usually based on where I’ve seen students make errors in the past.
  3. I create a small Formative (no more than 10-12 questions) that students should be able to complete in 10-15 minutes.
  4. The Formatives build the concept with harder and harder problems until I reach the level that will be on the test.
    5)in progress I will create extension/enrichment activities that use/build upon the learning target(s) for the day.
  5. After my lesson, I give a short ‘quiz’. In the past it’s been contained on a note card, so I call it a NCQ (Note Card Quiz).
  6. I use the data from that NCQ to determine which Formatives each student will work on.
  7. (While I’m grading the NCQ, students do some sort of social activity or math game.)
  8. Students are grouped based on the results of the NCQ and on which Formatives they will be working.
  9. I usually work first with those who will be peer tutors for that day. They work on their own assignments, but help classmates when asked.
  10. I then work with specific groups on targeted skills.
  11. Once I have met will all student groups, I walk around the room giving oral feedback face-to-face and typed feedback via Formative.

Is this the type of ‘process’ for which you are looking?


Yes ma’am. Thanks so much. Just wanted to see a different approach to “differentiation” and varying the instructions for a learners that take a little longer than others to reach a particular concept or skill. Thanks for taking the time to respond.