How do you make badging efficient? What do students think abut badges?

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Hi Everyone,
It’s week 3 of our reading group on student badging! We have talked about the reasons to include badging in the classroom and how badges can be motivators. @tricia.mintner and @kbaker shared some very interesting thoughts about their motivation for using badges in their classrooms.

We know that the tracking of student progress and awarding badges in a timely manner can be difficult. Use the resources below to explore ways in which this can be made more efficient.

Share with us your experiences with these or any other badging platform that you have found to make the process efficient.

Even better if you also add what your students think about badges.

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In our school we have started to use Power School Learning as our Learning Management System. There is a lot to learn, but they do have a way for you to create + assign badges to your students and for the students to see which badges they got. I have not used it yet, but I am thinking that it may be a way to help students move at their own pace and reaching certain goals, very much like GoFormative does to help teachers become Formative Certified Educators.
In world languages, we have a set of “can-do statements” that correspond to our standards. I think that it would be great to use badges to make students aware of which standard they have mastered along the way. Has anyone in World Languages used badges yet?
Thanks for the badges links you provided! :slight_smile:

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@mgarcia I really like how you’ve infused badging and leaderboards here. One question follow up question I have is…for a teacher who is just getting started with badges…what kinds do you recommend starting with first? Which ones resonate the most with students and are efficient to find evidence for and award?

I love this idea! I am tagging @WorldLanguages_Eds in here!

Great question @david. For me, the badges that are the easiest to find evidence for are the ones tied to standards or I can statements - measurable in some objective way. Students may not always be engaged by them unless presented in a fun way, but it is simple to count, for example, the number of times a multiplication problem is answered correctly or how many times a blog has received a score of 90% or more. In the article I shared, the spreadsheet actually calculated this for you with an if statement so there is no forgetting to award the badge as I actually do not have to do anything - the sheet awards the badge for me.

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If you read there is a spreadsheet tool for badging which I tried two years ago. Even modified the scripts to make it stranded (we separate the math into 5 strands in elementary in Ontario) but the time it took me to keep it updated, and, the lack of engagement from the kids for this particular one had me stop using it in term 2 that year.

I will take a look at the resources @mgarcia posted here and maybe badges will make a comeback. :slight_smile:

The three important things for me is:

  1. Usefulness as a tool for showing mastery
  2. Buy in from the kids - they want to “level up”
  3. Time investment for me - has to be a real ROI


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