How do you make it so that your formatives are more than just a substitution and move up to augmentation, modification, or redefinition according to the SAMR model?

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As a part of our week-long slow chat about student-centered learning I ask

Subsitution, Augementation, Modification, and Redefinition are all part of the SAMR model for technology integration and are helpful in assessing to what degree the technology you use enhances and/or transforms learning tasks. Here’s a visual which explains it:



Sometimes I assign Formative as group work and assign certain parts as tasks, assign certain sections as team/class work, certain sections as independent study, and certain sections as group/pair work. No matter what or how I end up doing it, I like to go through the Formative together as a class and create discussion opportunities as we go through answers together.

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I find the many of the Formative features help me redefine my lessons. Show your work allows me to have access to samples of student work to quickly assess and share with the entire class side by side. This provides student voice and an environment that fosters rich conversations and teachable moments based on student work rather than notes. Just the ability to interact with students and their learning at least modifies most lessons. Being able to embed other tools like interactive apps, video, and student voice options like Flipgrid creates a transformational environment that recognizes and empowers a variety of learning styles and supports student centered learning. Teacher role transforms to guide on side rather than sage on stage.


I am personally still learning the tools here and they are powerful, through this slow chat i am learning some great ideas thanks


The features in Formative have allowed me to move from substitution to modification. The instant scoring modifies what used to be a worksheet that students would complete paper/pencil and then check their responses to having immediate feedback that allows them to correct their misunderstandings quickly improving student understanding. I haven’t yet found ways to move to the redefinition or augmentation with Formative but it’s an interesting concept to explore.


I am not knowledgeable about SAMR, but I will look into it! I am always learning new things.

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