How do you prepare your students to answer questions collaboratively vs independently?

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Good Morning and welcome to Question 6 of our slow chat about creating strong questions.

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@senger, @Susan_Shires and I would love to hear your thoughts about how you prepare your students to answer questions (especially higher level questions) with their classmates and on their own in both formative and summative activities. Please share your classroom context too (grade and subject).


When my students answers questions independently, they are usually using their notebooks, or a platform, such as Formative, to do so. When students are answering questions collaboratively, I usually provide them the pieces of the questions to lean on and when they have discussed with their group, each one is able to be heard, yet collectively answering the question.


We use a lot of Kagan Strategies in my classroom. My students work together often in our PBL classroom so collaboration is a normal practice.