How do you review responses without students being able to change them?

Hi All,

During a teacher-paced quiz, how can I discuss the answer with students once they’ve all responded after each question, so that they can still see their own answers, but cannot change them as I’m explaining the answer?

I’ve found that if I go through correct answers while their responses are still editable, students will inevitably change their responses; if I hit pause so that they no longer have access, then they cannot see their own answer, so don’t know what answer they submitted.

I understand I can close or unassign the quiz, but this doesn’t seem the best approach - is there another way that I can lock answers in for an individual question, discuss the correct answer, and then move on to the next question in the quiz, with students being able to enter responses again?

Thanks for any help,

Hi Gary! I do recommend the pausing capability after students answered the questions. Have you used the demo mode? Demo mode is great if you’re presenting to the class and would like to demo responses to your students simply click on “Demo Mode Off” within the navigation bar. This will unlock the response fields to allow you (the teacher) to enter responses. Clicking “Clear Demo Responses” at the top of the page will remove all responses you’ve entered in this mode with one click. Click “Demo Mode On” within the navigation bar to close the demo mode and lock the response fields again and move on to the next question so they do not have the option to go back to the previous question. Please see this help article for more info! Teacher Paced Mode | Formative Help Center

Let us know if you have more questions!