How do you use Formative to Differentiate your instruction?

This is Question 5 of our week-long slow chat titled “Exploring New Heights with Formative”. The goal of this slow chat is to tap into some of the fantastic ways that our @informed_members and @Certified_Educators are employing to improve student learning.

Question 1 on Monday was all about building a culture - you can find it here
Question 2 Tuesday had a lively conversation about a few of our favorite uses of Formative which can be found here
Question 3 on Wednesday was about Innovative strategies
Question 4 on Thursday focused on the SAMR model

Friday is all about Differentiation! So here is question 5:

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Taking advice from another member on the forum. I think that I might add more video help for students that need that to get through assignments and the students that don’t need it can opt to not watch. I can also use the same formative for all levels, but assign different sections/problems for each level.

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I love these ideas for differentiating learning with Formative! Another idea I’ve seen is where people will make a pre-assessment formative and then allow students to self-select which formative they move onto based on the skills they need to practice. You can include links to different formatives so it almost acts as a branching assignment!

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That is cool! It sounds like it takes time to set up though! There isn’t a feature that would take them to a predetermined link if they scored below a certain score?


Nope, not currently! But it’s definitey something we’ve discussed in the past!

In the past, I have created four different leveled formatives on a particular topic (i.e. percents) as a warm-up/review activity. A student had to master (100%) the first level (Level A) to move to the next level (Level B). As the levels got higher, I changed mastery to 80%.

Using Google Classroom, I sent a specific formative to the students who needed it. Everyone in the room was working on the same topic in Formative but at their own level. You had to look closely at the student’s screen to know what they were working on so it wasn’t obvious to those around them. It took a little bit of work (okay, a complex spreadsheet) to get everyone the correct formative but I was differentiating to meet my students’ needs.