How has professional learning changed over the years?

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On Monday, we had a very lively #formativechat about taking advantage of all the new forms of professional learning that are available these days (ex: Twitter chats, edcamps, FB groups, Community Centers :wink:) and becoming a connected educator. We’d love to continue this discussion leading up to our #FormativeSummit, which is happening in just a few short weeks (October 19th-27th)!

So how has professional learning changed over the years? What learning opportunities have you found to improve your teaching practice?

As a side note, if you’ve yet to sign up for the free, fantastic, virtual edu conference known as…#FormativeSummit, you may do so here. If you sign up, you are going to get to learn some really innovative teaching ideas from thought leaders in education! Also, here’s a message you can use to invite your colleagues! The more, the merrier!


So specifically in our county, we have implemented a digital badge program that allows educators to learn bite-sized chunks that they feel will assist them in accomplishing a learning goal/objective within their learning environment. Educators can do this on their own or they can attend one of our trainings and then earn the badge through a form of digital evidence that they submit showing they are proficient at using the skill from the session. This has really blown up in and around our county and we have heard several badge earners say that this way of learning has helped them grow professionally! That is really encouraging from our standpoint. Here is the link to our SCOE Badge Project if any of you want to check it out.


I remember chatting with you a little while back about this and it’s great to hear that you guys have gotten it off the ground! I love how you give teachers the option of independently earning the badges or getting support via a training! The website looks great and I love how you’ve broken down all the teaching topics for educators to explore on the left! I couldn’t help, but click into Assessment and was delighted to see your Formative badge :slight_smile: I love how you require that teachers use a variety of question types!

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The opportunities for professional learning has had many changes through out the years. Access to PD has really increased with all the forms available. Also the variety of topics has also increased. Thus teachers can really hone specific skills that they have a passion for. The PD is often teacher led and there is a great community of sharers. Twitter has been a game changer for me first I was just a lurker, but now share my class and my passions with a huge community and I have really enjoyed twitter chats (especially #formativechat). I have joined a few professional community centers (like this amazing community) and it never ceases to amaze me the quality educators, ideas, and resources I have access to that I would have never before. I like attending webinars and conferences in the comfort of my own home while I sip a green tea. I still love PD opportunities where you physically go somewhere and have f2f interaction, but I feel that the PD opportunities that I now have access to has made me a better teacher and opened my mind to new and innovative ideas/practices. There are also more flipped PD opportunities that allow teachers to have access to materials before sessions, so when we do come together we can spend more time collaborating rather than taking in information. It’s pretty amazing and I try to get my students to think of PLNs already to help them out in whatever career path they follow in the future.


Thanks for giving the Community Center and #formativechat a shout-out! I also share your love of physical PD opportunities too. I think the different modalities you mentioned all provide unique ways to build relationships with other educators and build your network of people to learn from/collaborate with.

I haven’t heard of this before! It makes sense and sounds super cool!

Being able to share documents electronically has been a big achievement. Sharing kahoots, formatives and google forms has been such an aid when I am busy and my colleagues would like to share info, but cannot find time to actually meet.