How to embed different sites and files in a formative!

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I’ve created a folder showing how to embed your favorite sites into a formative, with step by step instructions for each site (with gifs and screenshots), and examples. I hope this is useful! Embedding is one of my favorite features of Formative :star_struck:

Sites include:

Desmos (calculators and activities)
Explain Everything
Google Docs
Google Slides
Google Drive files (Sheets, Forms, audio, video etc)

Clone code: Formative

You can also search “embedding” in the LIbrary to find it. The bundle listing will be updated regularly!

I’d love to know how you use embedding in your formatives! :grinning:



              Thank you for the extensive list. Just wanted to remind everyone the greatest issue when embedding was not having an embed code. When this occurs use any iframe generator. 

iFrame Generator - Free Online iFrame Code Maker



I teach economics, so often need to embed graphs showing data. Two sites I like are:

  • which has interactive graphs using global data on a variety of topics. All the interactive graphs are embeddable; the height and width of the graphs needs to be adjusted to show properly.
  • which allows the user to create their own graphs (several different types) using global data. The graphs are, again, interactive and embeddable with adjustments to the height and width.

Both of these sites are AMAZING :star_struck:
Thanks for the tip @gerda.kits !!


Can anyone help with embedding Adobe or Microsoft files into Formatives? I added Microsoft Sway to the Library bundle yesterday, but would love to add more! :slightly_smiling_face:

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I like how this teacher took it to the next level embedding. I’m going to be experimenting with this!


I like using this website to teach language.
Usins Iframegenerator I was able to embed it into my lesson.
[Learning apps]()

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Embedding implies adding a ‘live’ website right in the Formative. So, you would place the URL (for wherever you store that document online) into the embed code. Search for ‘embed’ in the Library and you can find LOTS of examples. I like to copy and paste the embed code that I see works and then just replace their URL with mine. :slight_smile:

If however, you just want to upload the document straight into your Formative, you can do that, too. That option is on the bottom left of the box for adding items to the formative.

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Hi When I try to embed it comes out small , even though i have the iframe to 100. It is hard to see . Can i change this somehow?
See my screenshot:

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Never Mind , got it!

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Thank you for this! I’m eager to explore the step by step directions you provided. I would love to be able to embed a Google Slide that my students would be able to edit.

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Be careful… ALL the kids will edit the same slide. Better would be to embed the link to the POST in your Google Classroom. That way when students click the Slide, each student can have their OWN. Another option would be to take a screenshot of the Slide and put it in a Show Your Work question that sttdents can write/type on.

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Спасибо, Ребекка! Очень интересные и познавательные сайты!

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I was trying to embed a powerpoint using the share method from onedrive, similar to the steps for google slides, but I can’t get it to work. Anyone else have luck?

I was able to embed a web page for the following multiplication web page: Multiplication Facts

I used the iframe generator and was able to adjust the settings so that it appeared as it should on GoFormative, through an iPad (doesn’t work on an iPhone):

Note: I enabled the scroll feature.

Unfortunately, I’m not able to view what the “student” did within GoFormative. The screen just appears blank when I’m in view mode.

Please advise.

Hey Jim! Since it is embedded you won’t be able to view their work from within Goformative, since their work is housed on the embedded website.

I don’t use PPT anymore, but I know that some of my Google items won’t embed until I Publish them to the web. Some even might not work unless it’s in Presentation mode on the web.

Thanks for this great resource! I love embedding other sites into my formatives, and this has given me a lot of great ideas :slight_smile:

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Wow! Thank you for sharing this! This is a super cool idea, especially to help get the students who are virtual involved in our class discussions. I like this even more than Padlet.

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