How to embed Flash interactives

Hey there,

I’m trying to embed one of my favorite interactives in a formative. Problem is that it’s a flash game-type thing.

Can this be done? I’ve tried using the source code and turning the url for the interactive into an embed code but it’s just not happening :persevere:

Any tips?

Here’s the website:
And here’s the .swf url:

@ComputerSci_Eds?? Any coders out there :slight_smile:


@ndyer I tried to embed it with iframe-generator but had no luck. Using a browser that supports flash gave me only a white frame. Using a browser that doesn’t support flash led to “save file as …” and I could save the file on my desktop.

My hint for you: Post the URL in a text block, so your students will be able to do it in another tap:

Click here for Newton’s laws of Motion

You apparently need some coding knowledge. Sorry I have no idea

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