How to Get an Image Centered on a Formative

Good evening to the Formative Community! I was helping @loliveira with an issue of centring an image on his GoFormative and came up with the following workaround. I essentially took the Google Drawing of my header template for GoFormative and made it so that you can add an image in the middle and then screenshot it to add it as an image in one’s formative. By having the white background, you cannot see how long the actual image is, but the image is perfectly centred to add into one’s formative. I hope this helps!

Here is the Iorad Tutorial that goes through the steps.

Here is the template to use for centring. It is in “view only”, but you can make a copy for your own use. Enjoy!


You are the best Lisa. Thanks so much.


Awesome workaround. Thank you :slight_smile: