How to Hyperdoc Webinar Next Thursday!

@msashlylcot and @Lisa_Scumpieru will be doing a webinar together next Thursday discussing how to hyperdoc. They will cover the following:

  • Skills and Knowledge and How to Create Using a Template

  • How to Use Pre-made HyperDocs and Make Your Own From Scratch

  • Sharing HyperDocs

  • How to Find Hyperdocs and Collaborate

Here is the link to join next Thursday at 3:30 p.m. EST. If you can’t make the time, watch later and enjoy.


I got a sneak peek of this and I must say, this is going to be AWESOME :grinning: :raised_hands:


Hey everyone, whether you are attending the event live or not, feel free to register here before the event and we’ll send you all the resources from it!

Also, here’s a poster I made to help spread the word about @msashlylcot & @Lisa_Scumpieru 's event! Feel free to post this on social media and share it with your friends :slight_smile:



I will be missing this webinar due to new teacher intake. However, thanks to @msashlylcot Hyperdocs for Incoming Teachers in Adult Education, our process has simplified. This is a great training! Make sure you are attentive. It’s awesome to develop Hyperdocs once you get the hang of it.



Thank you for posting the link to the webinar. I will have to watch it later, but am looking forward to improving my hyperdoc use.


Hi, @Lisa_Scumpieru and @msashlylcot! Thank you so much for the training. I love the idea of using a google slides hyperdoc to lead the students through an entire unit.

Thank you for the reminder about double-checking the students’ technology access before I get too complex and crazy. Do you have any advice about making smart-phone-friendly hyperdocs? I imagine that shorter directions and fewer images might work better: is that true?

By the way, my students and I are having good luck using a series of Formatives to accomplish a complicated project (which @Lisa_Scumpieru helped me plan). A hyperdoc would be better, probably; still, in the absence of Google classroom, Formative works very well!



Thanks for posting the webinar. I have just began using Hyperdocs with my students semester and you have given me some great ideas for the future. I cannot wait to implement some of the ideas.


Glad I could help! Let me know if you need any help! :slight_smile:

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I cant wait to share this with one of my teachers! We love hyeprdocs!


Thanks for sharing! :smile: You’ve inspired me to create mini-HyperDocs!

My students have access to all their Formatives for the entire semester, and even though I use an easy numbering system for labeling the assignments, students still have trouble locating them. :roll_eyes: One thing I considered is creating a mini-HyperDoc in Formative for the day. All the required Formatives (the ones that will be graded and entered in the grade book) will be embeded (with a hyperlilnk so they can make it full screen) so students can find them easily. I can also include extension activities for those who complete the required Formatives.


That’s a great idea. I have seen Jen Roberts tweet about using one Google Doc for the entire year where students go to access their work for the day and have it in one place if they need to go back to review. Let me know how it goes. :slight_smile:


I love both @tricia.mintner and @fichtlis ideas. Adding a third one to the mix. I post all links on a Google calendar that I have embedded in my classroom web pages. Easy for students to find the day’s work or go back to assignments they miss or have yet to work on.


I signed up for the Google Applied Digital Skills for education. I took the first course as a student with a teacher from Italy. Wow! Distance Learning. We created a presentation together with hyperlinked slides in Google. Very cool experience.

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Is it possible I could aspire to this kind of efficiency greatness :slight_smile: Between you @fichtlis and @tricia.mintner surely one of these ideas I can pull off. Key for me…baby steps.