How to introduce GoFormative remotely? (Grade 4 and 6)

Hi all!

I currently teach in the Cayman Islands and we will be doing a phased in approach when schools open at the end of this month.

During lockdown, my Grade 4 and 6 students loved using GoFormative and I plan to use it again this year. However, I had previously used it with them when we were still physically in school and could show them how to use it, etc in class. This made the shift over to remote learning far easier.

However, this year I am starting remotely for both my grades and I’m unsure of how I should introduce my new classes to GoFormative. I would love to hear from any of you that may have done this before and open to any suggestions of ways to do this remotely to students that have never used GF.

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I haven’t had to start virtually, but if I did, this is how I would intro GoFo…

First, I would send out codes/invites ahead of time and see which students are able to figure out the process. I would include one easy/fun activity and see if students can figure out how to submit. Call it a ‘Challenge’ and they might jump on it! You can even offer a ‘prize’.

THEN… when class actually starts everyone who was successful in completing login/join/submit will be peer tutors the first day. These are my ‘Techies’ who will probably catch onto all the new stuff we try out. Techies would be assigned a small group of students. The Techie COULD talk to their group in a break out session OR the could chat with their group members to see if they have questions or need help.

Techies will monitor chat feeds and help while YOU walk one student through the process while they share their screen.

(1) Open 2nd tab.
(2) Toggle back and forth OR amek the two tabs side by side.

(3) Find and drag the icon onto their bookmarks bar or ‘star’ it as a favorite.
(4) Log in (email invite or show code on your screen)
(5) Explain the dashboard and how it works. Have one of your Techies show their screen and how the blue progress bubbles change once they’ve been submitted.
(6) Pick a student who hasn’t submitted the assignment yet and share their screen… show their dashboard… then walk them through submitting… then show the dashboard again. (Monitor your students to make sure everyone has submitted before moving on.)
(7) Assign a NEW gofo. Show students how to refresh their page so the new assignment pops up on their list.
(8) The new gofo should have one of each type of problem you are going to have students use in your class. Multiple choice, short answer, number response, show your work, etc. Walk them through each type of problem (monitoring their responses to make sure they are participating. You can even show your response page on your screen so that students can see that YOU can see them in real time. Start with easy types of problems and move on. I would do MC first 3+2 = ?. Tell your Techies to select a WRONG answer. Show them how the answer shows up red/green (whatever colors you choose for your group) at the top. Have a Techie share their screen and show the red bubble. Then let the Techie choose the correct answer… point out how it changes to green.
(9) Continue with Short Answer… another easy problem… or have them type your last name. Kids always misspell mine LOL. Have the Techies misspell it on purpose. NOW show the students how to ask for help in that problem by having a Techie model it. YOU type feedback and show them where the notification bell, how a number shows up when they have feedback, AND how the bubble changes on that problem at the top of the page to show they have feedback.
(10) Continue in this fashion with each type of problem. On the Show Your Work problem, draw a stick figure on your end… show the students how the site updates every 10 seconds. Have a Techie pull their SYW problem up. Have them try to erase your stick figure. They can’t. Go back to your screen. Walk they through each EACH button on the side. Change color… add text (name the figure)…add a shape or two to the scene… have them upload a picture into the scene. I like to give verbal feedback as the students work. I like to type feedback, too, pointing out something I like in their picture. After a few minutes, you can either share all the pictures, or ask for volunteers that don’t mind having their picture shared.
(11) After completing the SYW, point out that the red/green bubble is actually blue because you have to grade it. Point out their current score and how it’s a “participation” score until SUBMITTED and TEACHER has graded all problems.
(12) Have everyone BUT the Techies submit their assignment. Show the students the response page and point out how YOU can see who has submitted and who hasn’t Show them that you can see what DAY and TIME they submitted. :wink:
(13) Now select SOME Show Your Work responses and score them 7 out of 10 … select more and score them as 5 out 10… and the rest as 3 out of 10 pics and score them right there so they can see the change in the bubble. Also point out that their score has changed.
(14) Assign a short (3 question) ‘exit ticket’ and ask questions about GoFo BUT DON"T set it to show scores immediately. Set it to show when submit. Students will see grey bubbles until they submit. I have mine enter reflection statements on the ones they got wrong. They can point out their error, type the correct answer, or ask a question.


Thank you for the lengthy reply. I will adjust your ideas and use them in class now.

Fortunately, our island is deemed Covid free and the government changed the restrictions about the phased in approach. We all started school on Monday.

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Great news about COVID!! Have a wonderful first day!