How to log in to a Flipgrid embedded in a Go Formative

I’ve embedded a Flipgrid but when I try to log in to it as a student, I can’t get logged in. I see the log in but when I click “log in” with Google it doesn’t do anything. I tried with a colleague and can’t figure it out.

ETA: My grids are protected and limited to access by school email domain. I’m thinking this isn’t an option if I want to embed it. If it put it as open to the public and add a password, I can view the grid but when I click to add a video, it still prompts me to log in, which I can’t.

Do I have to make it open to guest mode? That seemed to work when I tested it with my colleague but doesn’t seem ideal.


I am also trying to figure this out…

I too am having this problem. I tried guest mode, but even that doesn’t work as the video recording function does not work properly.

I like this idea, I’ll be keeping an eye on this thread for a possible solution. Embedding Flipgrid with Formative would be super useful for distance learning.

I definitely agree as well. I was not even aware that this was possible. This is something that I need to look more into now that we are virtual.

Embedding Flipgrid really depends on your school/district’s IT setup.

Most of us have students who use Google sign-in for their Flipgrid accounts. Some GoFormative users are able to embed the Flipgrid and their students can access it fine.

Others, like myself, cannot embed the Flipgrid because the Google sign-in popup window doesn’t get created when the students click on the embedded Flipgrid window.

My workaround is to have the Flipgrid as a link in the GoFormative. Sure, it is not completely elegant as a second tab will populate their browser and they will have to tab back to continue with the GoFormative lesson, but it is the best solution for this embed problem.