How to modify within the formatives for individual students?

I am a special education teacher, who teaches in a co-taught model. Is there any way or how do others modify for specific students within the general formative given to the rest of the population? I know that you can assign to specific students, but I do not want to create a separate formative for those who need the modification.


I was thinking of this as well. When I assign one, I have a few students who need about twice as much time as others. That sometimes leaves the others with nothing to work on if we are using the Formative as a check for understanding before we move on.
Being able to potentially change the wording, or underlining some key features of the statement would be extremely beneficial.


Hey Sarah, I see what you mean. How could we improve Formative to accommodate for this need? I was going to just suggest duplicating the formative and modifying it as needed…but it seems like you are wanting something else.

I guess I was thinking along the lines of being able to assign specific questions within each formative to a specific subgroup of students. This way, I am creating the entire formative for all different modification, but only assign specific questions to each student.


Ah gotcha! We can consider this. Another thing we are strongly considering is making it so that you can assign a formative to small groups or individual students within a class. You’d still have to duplicate the formative and tweak it before assigning, but just throwing that out there!


I have a question along similar lines. After i close a formative for the class, is there a way to open it up for specific students who need more time or come in after school to get help on it? I would only want to extend extra time to those students, but right now I don’t seem to be able to re-open it unless I re-open it for everyone.


This is not currently possible, but would be possible if we implemented the ability to assign a formative to small groups or individual groups within a class! We are strongly considering this!


When you refer to “statement” do you mean different directions that you would give to students based on their progress (Ex: "If you are done, move onto this question…if you are struggling…move on to this one)? You can currently bold, italicize, underline, and hyperlink text.

Have you ever tried providing some text at the bottom of a formative and then providing a hyperlink to something else you want students to do when they are finished (Ex: a link to another formative)?

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David, this is something that I think would help the most. I know that you can underline, bold, etc to the question, but my goal would be to be able to just slightly modify the formative like you stated above. That way the overall question would still be the same, but for students who can’t handle the “fluff” or need it worded slightly differently, they’d still have the same base.

This is an excellent idea. That’s why it would be nice to be able to send this formative to some of the students in the class, but not necessarily all of them. That way the other students who were still working on the base questions wouldn’t feel like they missed something. I could use this as just for an extension activity.

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@david On a totally off topic thing, I just realized I figured out how to do the “double quote thing” thing you do a lot :slight_smile:

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Great points! It’s great to see that the ability to assign to individual students would be useful in so many ways!

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What about giving teachers the ability to “force submit” a formative? That way, the teacher can “end” the session and take a grade but students will still be able to edit. If the teacher sets the choices to instantly and decide later, the students could continue to work on learning each question. This would be great for students who didn’t finish the formative, took the test and failed and need to go back and finish the formative before any re-take is offered to the student.


Are you suggesting this as an alternative to being able to assign a formative to individual students or as a component of that? If we were to implement the ability to assign a formative to individual students…you could conceivably “close” the formative for them alone, which would have the same affect as “force submitting” the formative (students can no longer take it).

I’m not sure it would make much difference to me? I just need to “end” the session to be able to take a grade BUT I also need them to continue to “fix” it after the grade happens. There needs to be a clear delineation between those two stages.

For example, Johny does half the formative badly. He gets a 33. He is not ready to take his test. The 33 is in the gradebook. Everyone tests on that day, but Johnny edits his formative in class and comes after school to test. He works with me to understand what he didn’t while others are testing. He does great on his test. Win Win.

Currently, this may be the situation since I have “closed” Johnny’s formative so I can put the data into the gradebook. “hypothetical”—Mom sees the bad formative grade over the weekend. Everyone knows a test is coming. Johnny is motivated to work on his formative to practice more, but he sees it is “closed” and is too lazy to work the problems on paper, and besides there is no feedback on paper. Johnny does not continue to work and he takes his test with the class and fails.

Anyway, just trying to give a better picture… I hope that makes sense.

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Thanks for the details. I appreciate you taking the time to explain! The use case you describe makes sense to me for the most part!

Can you clarify what you mean by this? :slight_smile: Right now, you don’t need to close a formative in order to be able to see student scores, return them, export the results, or transfer the data to another grade book.

True. And right now I just put a score in without closing it. I have not had any complaints, but I think that potentially the student could complain that their score is higher than what is in my gradebook and I have no way to “prove” what the score was at the time. But, like I said, no one has gone there so I am not really worried any more that they would challenge me in that way.

When you say “return them (the scores)” what do you mean?

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Ah, okay!

Sorry! To clarify, you have several options to scores within formative! They are explained here!

Now that I can see a date when they submit I think I have a solution to my dilemma.Thank you so much for that!! Btw, any updates on the ability to assign to individual students?

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Awesome, we are so happy to hear that this works well for you!

Not yet, but we’ll be sure to announce it when we are able to release it :slight_smile:

@jillian.kostuchrzepk this request is now in this week’s Certified Educator feature vote :slight_smile:

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