How to share student responses for feedback/revision?

Hi All,

If I want to share students’ performance with each student after a Formative quiz, so that they can review their responses to each question at a later date - perhaps as a pdf including the questions and their answers.

How can I do this as a whole class in one go, without having to send each one individually, so that they can go back to the quizzes for revision, and see where they made mistakes?

Or perhaps I’ve misunderstood, and I don’t need to share this with them, and there is a way for them to log in and go over their answers afterwards themselves? But when I try this, I can see that the students can click on previous quizzes in the ‘Submitted’ tab, but they can only see the final question, and the instruction that the assignment has been submitted and is no longer editable. I would like them not to be able to edit their previous responses, but to review them.

Thanks for any help,