How to tell when a student has resubmitted an assignment?

One of our main goals is for students to look at the feedback we’ve left and have them fix their work for a better mark to show growth. Please tell me there is an easier way to see when a student resubmits than clicking on each problem and looking for the tiny exclamation point that says “this response has been edited after it was graded.”

I’m hoping there is something I’m missing on my dashboard that says a student has resubmitted?

There is no current UI that will show you if a student submits multiple times. Would it help you if that icon was displayed in the main results view? Perhaps the exclamation icon could be displayed next to the feedback message icon we have in the grid.

Yes! I would love it that icon was on the main results view!

Thanks for your timely response!

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Is this still happening? I go into formative to check my students’ progress after I give them feedback and want to be able to see if they’ve edited the problems without having to click inside each question. The exclamation icon inside each edited colored tile would be really helpful (similar to how there is an icon inside the tile after one comments).

Hi @Andrew_Constantinesc We just added this feature today!

Woo! Thank you so much!

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You have no idea how much this made my day. Thank you!!!

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Glad you added this feature. It is very useful for me.