How to use for different levels, same subject?

I teach two levels of the same class. I always end up copying the lower level classes formative and adding more thinking questions for the next level up. I am second guessing my approach to this. Should I be giving the same formatives, but with more guidance for the lower level, still having similar expectations?
This is for a Pre-calculus class. Thanks!


I think either way would work. I’ve considered (but haven’t had the time to implement’ a third option: hyperlinking hints within the instructions. I could put a :heart: in the directions and then link it to a video/set of instructions, or simply a ‘hint’ as to how to get started. The hyperlinked image doesn’t ‘show’ like hyperlinked text, so students would only know the hyperlinks were there if you told them.

A fourth option would be to create the higher level formative and then give selected students a paper or digital note saying to only complete these selected problems.

A fifth option would be to create ‘sections’ within your formative and assigning students to specific sections. I created some images that can be used as section dividers ( You can see what I’ve made and make a copy of the folder for yourself. I made a Word document with a textured or colored background and typed the titles on top. Then I used my Snipping Tool to select and save long rectangular ‘bars’ for headers. Easy to edit and all the bars are the same width. :+1:


I really like all these all ideas.
I love the separation through “activity” sections. You could even make this for day 1, day 2.
Thank you.


I am going to use the section separation to do a jigsaw activity for my class. Each group will work on a section and then teach each their section to the class. Having all the info in one place though, will allow all the students in the class access to all the info.