HS ELA-- Enhance PDF/DOC & Hyperdocs

I am in love with the Enhance PDF/Doc question type.

While I can use it as part of SAMR to substitute paper worksheets for digital ones, I wonder how to combine the power of Hyperdocs with Formative enhance a Doc question type to augment, modify, and redefine learning activities for my students.

Does anyone have any High School ELA examples? I teach 9th grade English, and we read Of Mice and Men, Romeo & Juliet, The Odyssey, and various short stories & poetry.

Thank you in advance!


I do not teach HS ELA, but I have done Hyperdocs on Formative in a couple different ways.

Cell Cycle mastery; With an embedded clickable image
Forces in two dimensions; A long but complete hyperdoc on Formative.

The Formative library does have a couple of things you may be interested in, such as;

Also, with the recently added feature of adding media on top of PDFs, you can probably accomplish what you are thinking about. Finally, there is a great topic “an amazing Formative within a Formative” that you may also want to take a look at.


The examples are very helpful to see. Thank you!

I love being able to enhance PDFs-- this is a GAME CHANGER!
There is so much to explore-- I know what I will be doing this summer! :smiley: