I can see the student work, but my coworker who is a collaborator cannot

In my school we have 3 teachers who teach the same subject and same grade, and have used the same Formative for one of our final exams this year. I created the formative and then added my coworkers as collaborators, but they are getting the error message of “Student results will appear here when students answer the questions”, however, the students have already taken the exam and I can see the results and answers just fine.

Any tips on what to do?

I’ve never used a collaborator, but @CHRISTIN_CARLISLE sounds like she has a handle on collaborating in Formative. Maybe she can help. :slight_smile:

I also teach a co-taught class and I added my co-teacher the following way…

In the “Classes” Tab, click on the class you would like to add a co-teacher on. At the bottom of the screen, a menu will pop up. Select “co-teach” and add your coteacher’s email.

I hope this helps :slight_smile:

Thank you for your response! Yes, we have been doing it this way all year and didn’t have any issues until recently. We now find that whoever assigns the assignment can see the student responses, but the one who did not assign it cannot, even though they are added. Any ideas of why this might be?

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Sounds like your co-teacher was able to see the responses until recently. Can you pinpoint when you started having the issue? What type of device/browser are each of you using? It might help developers narrow down the coding ‘glitch.’

@chris1 Could this be connected to the same update that affected the emojis? The emojis update seems to only affect Windows. The two posts I tagged you in recently are within a week of each other. Perhaps they are in the same update. :slight_smile:

Tough to say what could be the reason for this. @Lessie_Ann_Scott if you send me (or the support team) the link to the formative, and the email of one of the users who is experiencing this issue we can look into it. It sounds like the other teachers may not actually be collaborators on the formative.