Ideas For Acting On Live Responses With Formative & Updates!

Hello @new_members @informed_members and @Certified_Educators!

I had the privilege of recording a webinar with Formative Certified Educators @Megan_Miller @Rachel_Kerr and @david on ways to use the live responses view. @david started us off by sharing the new (and exciting) updates to Formative and what they look like on the live responses view. @Megan_Miller shared some great strategies for using the Show Your Work feature on the live responses view. I shared how I use the single question view and total responses view to provide feedback and track student progress. @Rachel_Kerr shared how she works with her co-teacher to provide student feedback in a virtual classroom. This webinar has a little bit of everything for everybody so check it out! You can watch the webinar below.

We would love to hear what you thought about the webinar. Did we inspire you to try something new or rethink how you use Formative? Do you have other ways you use the live responses with students that we haven’t thought of yet? How have the live responses data helped you in making changes in your instruction? How has the live responses view encouraged your students to be more engaged in their learning? What is your favorite or go-to part of live responses view?


@Laurie_Rigg - thanks for posting this.

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