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Hello. My students are taking a formative today concerning Act 1, Scene 2 of “Julius Caesar”. I had a few great conversations with students today and it’s only lunch! The conversations have been about the play, but also suggestions on how to make Goformative better.
One student wishes he could bookmark or mark a question he would like to come back to so that he can move on without forgetting. He’s thinking that when he goes to submit, a warning can come up saying, “You’ve marked question 3, would you like to go back to it?” I think this is a great idea.
Another student said that he would like to highlight the text more as he’s reading it and then answer the question. This is something that has been hard since we are 1:1 with ipads.
I thought I would share. Have a great day.


Hey Lisa, it’s awesome that you are asking your students for feedback about Formative and we absolutely love hearing it! Regarding the bookmark idea, we have thought about implementing a similar one. Basically, if a student has not answered all the questions for a formative, it would prompt them with a warning message if they try to submit. It would be great to hear your students thoughts about whether they would prefer this over bookmarking questions first. I also love idea of allowing students to highlight text. Are they usually reading text that you have typed/copied&pasted in or text that’s part of a document that you’ve uploaded?


I like both of these ideas! Bookmarking questions would be very useful for my students, too. Giving the students the ability to mark up an uploaded pdf would be phenomenal: it would really help their reading comprehension.


How about adding a flag to the question in the student progress bar that when a student clicks it turn on/off. Similar to the old minesweeper game.


Ah yes, the old minesweeper game! I like that idea a lot! I could see the flag being useful to students for not only questions that they’ve responded to, but also for other reasons (ex: a reminder to ask their teacher about something related to the flagged question).

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