If a Students gets disconnected in GF do they automatically lose their information?

I have student that claims she gets “kicked out” of Go Formative and when she relogs into the assignment again, all her answers are missing. Has anyone else experienced this happening? She says she does the work and submits the assignment but I don’t see anything. Thank for any help you can give.

Responses are saved while a student makes changes, so nothing would be lost. The work the student had already done would be saved to the servers. If the student tells you they submit the assignment but you don’t see any of the answers on your end, usually the problem is the student was working on a different formative with the same name (possibly a clone or copy) or did not in fact answer the formative. If you contact support@goformative.com they may be able to let you know if that student has any answers for any assignment, which could help you figure out if they were working on a clone of the formative.

While responses are saved from any session, if the student isn’t assigned to a class and the assignment hasn’t been assigned to that class, then the student’s responses will fall into the category of a guest student. Any guest student is able to submit responses, however they will be unable to retrieve their prior session’s responses if they close the session for any reason.

Setting up classes and getting students to join the class can be a little bit of an up front headache, but it will ensure that they can retrieve their responses between sessions.

On a side-note, while it’s nice that we can add students to any class once they’ve already joined at least one other class, but the inability for us to manually add a guest student to a class is extremely frustrating, especially when they are virtual learners and have trouble reading/following instructions.

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I have had a similar problem. A student completed an assignment and another teacher watched him do it. On my end the assignment was incomplete, so I emailed him about it. The supervisor later reported that he used the “back” arrow in his browser, found the completed assignment and submitted it.
I would love an explanation!