Immediate feedback at the same time the student gets the right answers, like in GoogleForms

I have been using GoogleForms till now and just started with formative. I really like all the possiblities but, as far as I could see, there is no way to give immediate automatic feedback to the students. When a student submits, I would like to be able for him/her to get an immediate feedback, that I entered when making the formative, of how to come to the right answer as I do in GoogleForms. Is this already possible? And if not, could it be created?


When you assign your formative, adjust the settings to “instantly” -

Anything in the “answer key” will be autograded and visible to students as they are completing the work. However, I invite you to read this thread about the perils of immediate vs. after student submits or when closed.

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The best thing is that you edit or add to the answer list once you’ve assigned the formative to your students.

Personally, I only allow my students to see the answers after they have submitted.

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It’s different in Google Forms. It’s not about whether the answer is right or wrong, but the ability for the students to get comments as to WHY the answer is wrong/links to resources only if the answer is wrong