Import MCQ from xls or sheets

I’m coming from Socrative and Wooclap where one can upload a spreadsheet formatted with a certain number of rules into the app or software in order to create MCQ quiz. Its saves time. Do you know if there’s something similar here?


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Hey Peter!

While a pdf, or doc, can be uploaded and tagged with questions, this doesn’t sound like what you are describing. Do the rules generate questions? Id love to know more about this so I can upload it to our feedback page to notify the development team!

Yes the template creates questions. Here is a very clear tutorial about this functionality in Socratice Socrative Create Quiz Using Excel Template - YouTube
It works similarly with Wooclap.
I’d love that feature to exist in GF, which has got so much more to offer that the aforementioned tools.
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Thanks for sending that over! This is a great idea! I went ahead and shared it to our feedback page as well, on your behalf, so other users can vote for it.