Importing Grades

Is there a way to import grades into Google Classroom? If not, I’d like to suggest this as a much desired functionality. Thanks so much for a wonderful product!


Robyn, i agree with the “wonderful product”. I am in agreement also with the concept of being able to import grades into Google Classroom.

Actually, since writing this comment, I was made aware of a Google Chrome Extension called Grade Transferer. The Grade Transferer extension has all the functionality I need to be able to import the grades into our SIS. Give it a try!


This is an absolute game changer. I cannot wait to share this with my staff!

Please let us know how this goes! I’d be really interested to know if it’s easy to use and works well. The grade book / SIS you’re using would be really helpful to know too!

We did up our integration with Google Classroom recently and support direct grade passback with a few clicks, but this looks like a great tool! I wonder what other programs/management systems it works with. Please share your experience.

Thanks! I haven’t tried the GClassroom grade passback feature yet. Am I right in assuming that it only works when the assignment was posted in GClassroom?

To answer your question, our school uses Infinite Campus as our Student Information System. The Grade Transferer extension reads any spreadsheet data (like a formative export sheet) and transfers grades into Infinite Campus for us.

Hi Robyn! You’re right that you need to post the assignment to GClassroom in order to use the grade passback feature.

Thanks for sharing your Grade Transferer experience! It sounds like a big time-saver. Glad it’s going well for you :slightly_smiling_face:

BTW thank you for adding the option of update only vs. update on Gclassroom! I had stopped using the pass to Gclassroom because every time anything was done it created a new post and my students were super confused.


I tried doing Grade Transferer, but it’s showing that it’s only a free trial for 7 days, and after that it costs $1.99 per month. I know that’s not much, but I was looking for something that wasn’t nickel-and-diming me for something that should be freely available to teachers, especially considering how much money our districts already pay for our Google Educator accounts.

Grade Transferer recently changed to a subscription service (last month?) :frowning_face:. However GoFormative Premium has the grade passback feature into Google Classroom and GC is expanding its integration with various SIS platforms (one of which is Infinite Campus!). You may be able to bypass Grade Transferer altogether!