Individualized Math Problems for Each Student

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I teach high school math. I was wondering if there was a plan to include the option to create questions based on formulas/equations so that each student gets a unique question.Or if that already exists and I just didn’t know.



I love this idea! I have passed it on to our development team for discussion. Do you have an example of another program / site with this type of question? Often an example can help our development team to visualize the request a bit better.

Please keep the suggestions coming! We love to hear what would make Formative better for our educators :slightly_smiling_face:

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I know I’m jumping in on this response but I love this idea. I like the program Infinite Pre-Algebra by Kuta software.

This would be an excellent option for me as I use Standards Based Grading and this would give me an opportunity to give students individual assessments to check for understanding.

Thanks for the input!

This would be great! For example: Allow a certain number of attempts. Allow a bank of questions (let’s say I added 30 questions). Allow teachers to set the number of questions presented to each student (lets say 10.) This way each student gets a “custom” 10-question quiz and teachers can allow multiple attempts with the assurance that the questions are likely different each time. Canvas LMS has something like this.


From the op, I immediately thought of assessments I’ve seen created in Desmos where the stem of the problem is the same for each student, but random number generators are used to give each student a unique question. These are made using Desmos CL, but since it’s already possible to embed Desmos graphs within Goformative, perhaps this could somehow be done?


Hi Rebecca, there is another program called SmarterMarks which allows you to define the variables with a set range of values and the it can generate different iterations of the question for students. It works great for numerical computation questions.


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