Insert am audio file to formative to make a listening comprehension?

Hey folks!

Do you know how to insert am audio file to formative. Upload an audio track to youtube and insert this is a possiblillity i’d prefer to cancel! Thank you for your help!!!

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Take a look at Speakpipe. See my sample audio Formative here: Clone Code: TYLFWW

You will need to use an embed code. The community has a lot of good info about that if you query embedding.


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Hi, @florianmaechler! I use Audacity, a free voice recorder software, then upload the files to Soundcloud (also free) and embed the link into my Formatives. Using soundcloud, it’s possible to embed a playlist, not just a single track. I find that useful for Formatives in which I would usually read each question aloud, like vocabulary quizzes. Here’s an example of a Formative with an embedded playlist:

And here’s an example using audio to aid reading comprehension of a short story: .

Speakpipe works too (thanks, @Dawn_Frier1), but it can get expensive.

Hope that helps!


Thank you! But i really miss the possibillity to insert an audio file (mp3) directly, without converting, audacity,…


How about uploading the file to your @florianmaechler personal webspace (e.g. domainname. com / folder / a_very_cryptic_subfolder_name / mp3file.mp3 and with you embed the mp3-file. Would that work for you?

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to complicated… insert from google drive possible directly?


As far as I know: that isn’t possible.

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not yet😜 i hope it comes soon…

I noted that you would like this! Thanks!


Dear @david, @florianmaechler, @csewimbush, @Dawn_Frier1 and community,

Problem solved. Credit goes to Gabor. Thank you!

This is how you access a mp3-file from your Google drive and embed it in your Formative, so it is accessible for your students (you can link directly to the mp3-file):

Happy Tuesday!


Thanks Michael! Great use of the Hyperlink option! Another option is to click on the embed option shown below and then paste the emebd code into an embed block! I hadn’t thought of this before and your screenshots gave me the idea Michael! Thanks!



Thanks! This is the perfect addition to my Formatives to adapt for my ELL students!

@florianmaechler, I’m sure you’ve figured it out already, but just in case… you can now hyperlink your text directly to the audio (even in the directions!)

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