Integrating Digital Literacy PD Training Formative

I just created this PD training Formative for a workshop I am teaching tomorrow. Wish me luck!
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@msashlylcot OMG - this is what I totally need this information. I am trying to convince my team to use Formative. Thanks for sharing.


Very cool. I’m sure you’ll do great.

If I may make a quick suggestion, and it is just a matter of how the embedded items are displayed. I learned not too long ago that you can manipulate the height and width of the embed codes by looking for the height and width in the code itself and simply changing the numbers. I tend to use a width of 1000 on formative (height=“400px” width=“600px” changes to height=“400px” width=“1000px” and of course you could change the height, too), which, when displayed on Formative takes up the full width of the screen. In your formative, this may be especially useful in the AnswerGarden and Padlet.


Thanks, good to know for future reference. I ended up removing the answer garden because it kept forcing the screen to go directly there first and believe it or not, some of the teachers I was training are so non-tech that it confused them.

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