Integrating Formative with MSTeams

Hi folks,

I use MS Teams and OneNote along with Formative for self assessment and feedback activities. I prefer the features and efficiency of Formative over any comparable assessment tool. Is there a way to integrate Formative assignments such that it gets posted on Teams directly? I know I can assign to google classroom, which is what I want to avoid for two different platforms to login.

One option I figured out is to share the Formative link within the Attach Link feature of assignments in Teams. Is there a way to directly assign to Teams from the Formative platform itself?



Great question! I’m sure @Jill_Nyahay will add it to the ideas list since it seems that Teams is a growing platform schools are using.


Awesome - thanks Tricia.

Hi Tricia, Are there any updates on this idea- integration of GoFormative with MS Teams?

Hi Mary. I don’t use Teams, but I’m surprised an Admin hasn’t responded to this yet. @Jill_Nyahay do you know anything about this?

Thanks Tricia - I do not see the option to either assign class roster through Teams but I do see that you can login with Microsoft a/c when you login. @Jill_Nyahay that would save me with not having to create a Google classroom as I use Teams and the assignments would also get updated on Teams channel…

Really need an integration with Teams and with a lock down. Right now, my plan is to have students enter through and a link to Go Formative. will lock down the screen and then students can take the exam in Go Formative. This is crazy.