Intermittent Connectivity Issues

I have used GoFormative for about 3 years now. This year I am experiencing intermittent connectivity issues with Goformative. Sometimes half of my class can access the site and half cant.

I have noticed that a small group of students seem to have the issue more often than others, but there really is no rhyme or reason. One day, one student will not be able to access the site, and the next day, that student will access the site just fine, and another student will have the same issue.

We are all in the same room using the same chromebook devices, and students can access other websites so I don’t think it is a network issue, but I really have no idea.

I checked with the district and Goformative is whitelisted as well.

If anyone is having or had a similar issue and could help it would be greatly appreciated. I love Goformative, but this is driving me and my kids crazy.


Hi, Joel. When I was in the classroom this happened often with iPads. Often what was happening is that the students did not close their tabs and had a Formative up somewhere. If they switched from Chrome to Safari it worked because they did not have as many tabs up in one opposed to the other. Essentially the same thing may be happening on the Chromebooks. See if it helps if the students clear their history on the Chrome browser. Sometimes it seems like it gets stuck and won’t go back and sign into a site until this happens. Let me know if this helps. Have a great day.

Now that you say that, I remember that I used to have a similar issue when I first started using Goformative, and I had to have the students switch from Chrome to Safari in order for Goformative to work. I haven’t had that issue in almost 3 years though, but it is driving me crazy.

When the kids are logged in they don’t have access to the clear browser history, so I can’t have them clear the browsing history. I’ve gone into their google accounts to make sure they are secure, I make them hard restart their chromebooks, I have deleted them from the goformative class so they have to rejoin.

Sometimes it works and they are able to get on, and sometimes they still can’t get on. The really weird thing is that it’s different students every time. There is a small group of students that it happens to more consistently, but sometimes they are able to get on while other students are not able to.

Additionally, all other websites work fine, so I can’t say it is a network/connection issue either.

I love Formative, but if I cant get this issue resolved soon, I’m going to have to find another application to test on. This frustrates my students to no end, and it is driving me absolutely crazy.

Hi Joel,

Do you think you could provide some more details about what you mean when you mention some students can not not access the site at all? Do you happen to know if these students are getting errors, and at what point in using Formative? For example, sre the errors occurring when they attempt to login, or when responding to an assignment? Some example URL’s of where this is happening may help us figure out the cause.

Hi, this is Jeff Burnell, Camden’s step-dad. I am helping him with his school-work and thought I would respond since I imagine his teacher is already busy enough and I work with computers for my job.

He is having a similar issue. He is on a MacBook Pro running Mac OSX version 10.15.4v using Safari version 13.1. He first tried to open the deep link within Google Classroom that pointed to his particular assignment. The assignment icon looks like it may be a document. Clicking on it brings up an error page in a new tab "Safari Can’t Find the Server- Safari can’t open the page “” because Safari can’t find the server " I verified that server is indeed not available by opening a separate tab and trying and got a similar message.
UPDATE: In the time it took me to create and account and craft this response, just as I was finishing the last sentence above, the assignment showed up when Camden refreshed the page.

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