Intro Activity for Force and Motion--Feedback Please!

This is my first time really making a visually “interesting” formative and I just mostly want to make sure it’s not too busy and that it makes sense! I modified an activity from StemScopes, a curriculum that our district recently bought for us.

I’m open to any and all feedback!


@ndyer I love the look of your formative and the images you used to “chunk” the activity! One suggestion I have is to perhaps italicize the jobs whenever you mention them in your instructions so students can easily spot when they or their peer is responsible for something!

Also, have you considered making the list of materials a “Multiple Selection” question so students can check off the ones they have? You could also make the jobs a “Multiple Choice” question and have students check the role that they are assigned! These two editions might help with managing the activity:

Here’s a copy with those changes in case you want to take a closer look!

Lastly, as always, I love the questions you ask to gauge student understanding of scientific concepts!


I LOVE that idea! I hadn’t thought about doing that. Thanks!

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I think this looks great and I can’t wait to hear how your students do with it. I teach this topic at the beginning of the year and will be saving this for future use for sure. Great!