Introducing Formative

Does anyone have a fun lesson they use to introduce the functionalities of Formative to high school students? I created one that I’ve been using each year, but I think it may need updating. My code is ZEBVJH, if anyone wants to take a look.

I would love to see what you have created to introduce this platform. :slight_smile:

Wendy McClung


Hi Wendy,
I looked at your work, it looks engaging. As a recommendation you can also insert part of the movie and ask related questions.

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Along with that, I plan on introducing Goformative to staff at in-service. Is there anything that’s already premade to show staff all the features of this great platform?

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Thanks for sharing! It’s awesome. I even think it’s a great way to introduce Formative to other teachers in PD. It shows many of the functionalities in an interesting way!