Introducing Myself - From a Charter School in Glendale, AZ

I’m a new member here, however I have been using formative for the last two school years. School year 2017/2018 was my first year teaching, and I taught fifth grade as a long term substitute. My class had access to Chromebooks on Tuesdays and Wednesdays so I made full use of Google Classroom and formative.

This school year I am teaching high school journalism and computer science at a charter school. This school has focused on Office 365, so I am no longer really using Google classroom and instead utilizing MS Onenote and Teams. I am, however, continuing to utilize formative.

I employed the “multiple selection” format for my first journalism formative, and it proved very difficult for my students. They really have to know their stuff to choose the right selections out of four choices. Since then I have moved to regular multiple choice and short answer, but I’m looking to employ more of the options. My classroom is also a computer lab, so that makes it easy for me to do so much in formative.

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