Introduction Formative for ELL Students

Hello everyone. I have created this formative to use with my English Language Learners. I want to use it at the beginning of the year to get to know my new students better. This is my first official formative and I would appreciate any feedback you can give me. Thank you so much in advance.

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Great job, Luis! This Formative would surely test your students’ ability to comprehend written and oral English as well as practicing speaking English out loud.

I was just working with our ESL teacher this afternoon on setting up her first Formative. I was describing to her how students can answer simple questions in English, listen to audio or watch a video and then type a response in English, and how students can read a question and then respond with an audio response. Do you mind if I share this with her?


Thank you so much Tricia. Feel free to share with whomever you would like. We language teachers are sharing machines. :grinning:


Thank you! I work very closely with our ELL teachers and administrators. As a result, I have lots of ELL kiddos specifically placed in my classes. Too many people keep using ‘language barrier’ for not reaching their students. I have a knack for determining if it really is a language issue or if it’s a math issue. I told her that math IS a language, so if I need to, I translate my tests into a student’s native language so they only have one language to deal with on a test. For my Marshallese students, I draw out color-coded examples and diagrams on an index card for them to use on the tests since there isn’t a translator available and the don’t usually have experience with writing in their native language. If you have Marhsallese students too, you may consider making a separate Formative for them with picture clues for certain words.


I currently don’t have Marshallese students but have had several in the last few years. They do pose an additional challenge when they don’t write in their own language. Thank you for the suggestions.