Iron Chef: Exquisite Ideas for Using a Few Formative Features!

Hey @informed_members @Certified_Educators

Yesterday, @Laurie_Rigg, @fichtlis, @djohnson, and I met for an awesome round of Iron Chef: Formative Edition :lemon: :tomato: :fried_egg: I gave them ingredients (Formative features) and challenged them to think of different ways to use them! The ingredients they used were:

They also used a special ingredient ( and brainstormed ways they could use it with Formative too!

They created a Google Slides presentation illustrating their ideas and sharing examples! Feel free to check it out and let us know what you think. Can you think of other ways to use the features shown? :grinning::point_down:


I am new to Formative and didn’t know you could add audio to a formative. This would be great for World Languauges or sped modifications. I will share this feature with my coworkers. I also need to look into Thinglink. I’ve seen it before but don’t really know how I would use it in an 8th grade math or Algebra classroom.

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I’m glad to hear that the Audio option might be a useful “ingredient” for you!

During our session, we talked about how you could use the 360 interactive images or upload images to create a Thinglink for math tasks. For example, you could label the different prices of items at a supermarket and use that as the basis for having students find unit rate. Please note that I believe that Thinglink offers embedding their resources as a premium feature.