Iron Chef: Formative and Sway

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Hello! I am happy to present the first in a week long Iron Chef Slow Chat where teachers will be putting together special ingredients with GoFormative to make a cool combination of EdTech.

I will be embedding Microsoft Sway in a Goformative with a special addition of a PHET activity to close out a HW assignment.

Presenting information can be done with a video but 2 issues could come up. 1. Students may not have headphones or not want to find a timestamp if they are going back to review information multiple times. 2. Microsoft has an immersive reader that can help students pull information from text, which is a huge skill for students.

Please check out the Formative and give feedback. Feel free to share your own combination of Formative and Sway!



Thanks for this appsmash. I am not familiar with Sway (at all). I have mastery over Microsoft Office apps but not Sway. I just briefly looked at Formative with the embedded Sway, so is it a webpage? like a large Powerpoint slide? I apologize for the trivial question.

I teach general chemistry to undergraduates and I am astounded with the various (free) tech tools available to make for an engaging class. I am learning a lot and I am slowly trying to figure out the best way to incorporate Formative into my own classes.


Awesome question. Sway is basically a mixture of a document and a website. It has animations and can be run either vertically or horizontally and can be broken into sections that can be quickly moved through.

I am very new to Microsoft beyond word/PPT/excel, so I haven’t gotten into the full details of Sway.


Great cooking Joe. Your Formative really highlights many of the cool ways you can make your Formative a one stop shop for learning. Sway is kinda like Power Point lite and it is totally cloud base (new feature lets you export to a pdf if you want). You basically create different cards and can group and arrange them to meet your needs (can import pics and videos and embed some other sites as well). It is also very easy to collaborate and share with especially if you use office 365.


@jwyckoff I love how you combine Sway (for the delivering content) and PHET (for application) to create a tasty dish! I am intrigued by the reader that you mention. How does it help students pull information for the text?

This got me thinking…is it possible to embed a formative into a Sway presentation? I had always thought it would be great to embed a formative in a Google Slides for the purpose of a guided instruction, self-guided lesson, hyperdoc or learning playlist, but hadn’t found a way to do that.

Hmm, may be there’s some value in exporting the Sway presentations to PDF’s and then uploading them to Formative (to add additional pieces of content and questions on top). What do you think?

Cool - I did not know that Microsoft had a reader. (and I thought I knew everything snicker snicker :slight_smile: This is a good thing to know. I love SWAY. It was a learning curve at first but now I make them often. I especially like that the search window to add things is right in the program. Thanks for sharing.

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