Iron Chef Slow Chat - A Second Serving - Formative, Wakelet, and Mentimeter

Hi @informed_members and @Certified_Educators . My name is Dean Vendramin … High School Math Teacher, proud Formative Certified Educator, and passionate about using and understanding Formative Assessment. I have been using Formative for a few years now and my understanding and use of it continues to grow. I love the features that Formative offers and continues to improve upon to make it easily my go to tool for formative assessment data and more. I am also impressed with the ability to embed other tools into Formative to create engaging learning opportunities that promote feedback, student voice and choice, and differentiated learning.
For this Iron Chef edition :man_cook::hocho: I used three ingredients:

  1. The Enhance a PDF/Document feature in Formative (this is one of my main go tos and was able to add multiple choice and a show your work questions)

  2. Wakelet – I was looking for something to replace Storify to collate and share monthly school tweets with ( but saw that there might be more to this so I choose this as an ingredient for this Formative – (Pro Tip from David - While they offer an embed code, you need to remove the script part of it. For example, if you are trying to embed this one I created:
    iframe class=“wakeletEmbed” width=“100%” height=“760” src=“” style=“border: none” allow=“autoplay”></script
    You need to embed it like this:
    iframe class=“wakeletEmbed” width=“100%” height=“760” src=“” style=“border: none” allow=“autoplay”><!-- Please only call once per page

  3. Mentimeter – I was looking for something to add a little spice to this dish so I turned to Mentimeter. I have used in class a few times but wanted to explore it a bit more and see what flavour it would add to this Formative. Mentimeter is great for collecting feedback during a presentation and I used the word cloud feature in my Formative. (Pro Tip from Me – their embed code didn’t work when I tried it but when I copied the mentimeter link into iframe generator - - the code I got from there worked like a charm)

The result of combining these three ingredients resulted in this culinary masterpiece :thinking: :stew:

Formative Assessment – Iron Chef Edition

Feedback welcome :+1:.

Are there substitute ingredients that you might use for a different flavour or taste? What is you go to Formative tool, have you found a similar tool like Wakelet to compile different media, and is there something like Mentimeter for the creation of group word clouds and other responses? What did you think of the topic? Please take a few minutes to take this Formative - I’d love to read your feedback there too -

Thanks for sampling a little Formative food for thought.:takeout_box:


The use of Wakelet is impressive. I have never heard of it and having the capability of embedding it in Formative just goes to show how much you could really do with the latter. I am not familiar with coding whatsoever but thank goodness for a community like this one. I did not even know about iframe generators until about a couple of weeks ago.

I have not used Mentimeter but it seems similar to PollEverywhere which I have used plenty of times. Pasted below is the post where I shared a formative with PollEverywherem embedded.

I did not use the word cloud option but PollEv has that capability, see below.


Thanks for sharing. It’s great to be able to embed tools like these to ‘poll’ the audience in different ways and see data in different ways. :+1: The ability to work with embedding coding really allows one to create dynamic Formatives … making it a true one stop shop.


What pulls me greatly to GoFormative is what you just said, one-stop-shop!

The number of edtech tools out there is staggering and overwhelming. I am recently just realizing that I have not used much compared to what K12 educators are using. I have so much catching up to do and I am enjoying it! I also love learning what students have used in secondary education before I get them as first year undergraduates.


Another thing I love about Formative and this community is the openness in using and talking about other tools. Makes for more effective ways to use infuse ed tech in classroom for more engaging experiences.


Exactly! I read about GoFormative on the Cult of Pedagogy blog. The article was 2 years ago and I really was surprised that I have never heard of it from any of my colleagues so I searched, signed up, and here I am (3-4 weeks in)!

I already converted one of my pdf worksheets into a Formative! I have a lot more to learn and whole lot more to do. But I am very excited!


uploading a pdf/word doc and being to annotate in a Formative was what first caught my eye (I think I first saw this on Twitter) since then the tool and this community has given me so much more. The available features in Formative has grown so much since that article was first published that it does not do it currently justice. I’d encourage you to become a Formative Certified Educator … there are amazing opportunities to contribute to the growth of the tool with weekly polls to decide what feature to work on next, talk with the developers, how to use it, lead pedagogical initiatives and more


Definitely. I just applied. Hopefully,I can make the induction ceremony. I am looking forward to all the opportunities as a Formative Certified Educator. Thank you for the encouragement!